Thanks to @air.sea.sam for starting this “Why Should You Care?” —
Why should you care!? Technology and code are obviously a HUGE part in shaping our future. Having a diverse mix of people from gender, race, age, background etc… building this FUTURE through CODE is essential in helping us get it right. It is so important to me to help highlight as well that getting into this industry doesn’t have to be this big scary thing. And also that essentially learning how to code should be as common as learning another language or learning how to cook. Everyone should learn it at some point because whether you do it 9-5 or not it will benefit your life having this skill. —
A lot of people don’t realize the superpower coding can be to have this skill even if you are someone who doesn’t do it 9-5. For example, if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, having the ability to make your own tweaks to your website, or at least the knowledge to know how much time/energy it should take if you hire someone in order to not risk getting overcharged. Coding enables you to realize the possibility of what you dream or envision to become a reality.